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I fell in love with blended tea when I recognized the huge importance of a healthy, refreshing, relaxing cup of tea in today’s stressful, society. The thought of making a deliciously blended cup of tea that would be enjoyed by people taking a break from it all struck a chord with me and sowed the beginnings of my passion for original blended tea.

Yasumasa Nemoto, President of Y’s tea

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Y’s tea Network Co., Ltd.
Yasumasa Nemoto, President of Y’s tea


May 8, 2006


Y's tea , Y's tea room (Cafe), Y's tea school - Tochigi Pref. / Tokyo,
Original Blend Tea Producer, Regional Development Projects and Lecturer


English Tea, Chinese Tea, Herbal Tea, Original Blend Tea, Heathy Tea, Green Tea,
Teacups, Teapots, and other tea related items


2F Takiya Building, Mageshicho, Utsunomiya, Tochigi, JAPAN 320-0803